Nestled in a large oak tree of a farmhouse in Lombardy countryside. A double room with bathroom and a large terrace with a hot tub.

Treehouse Turistico

The Project

The tree crown had a space left naturally free, for the insertion of the new accommodating volume. Shapes and colours suggested by the surrounding landscape. The treehouse was born from a comprehensive project integrating the trees and the new volume. Siberian larch wood provided the basis for this architectural project, a modern interpretation of traditional shapes.

Burnt wood finish, copper and natural larch create a good material balance with a great architectural value. The overall volume, the curved staircase, the roof shingles and the copper finishes make this treehouse very special. Walls, floors (and roof’s floor) insulated with natural sheep wool; a complete electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling system can be remote controlled from the farmhouse reception. The wooden hot tub with resin interior is a unique feature, offering its guests moments of pleasure and relaxation inside the crown of the large oak. A spa on a tree!

The Staircase

Nothing is easy to achieve, but this staircase creation was a difficult task! Our master carpenters did a great job indeed!

We started from the idea of giving movement to the staircase, in order to have a maximum integration with the oak tree trunk, allowing people to reach the treehouse “rolling” on the plant entering its crown. An accurate survey of the tree, parametric design for the realization of execs and templates, the stringer, baluster and handrail wood curving. The treehouse making, moving and building was a great result!

The Exterior

Siberian larch used for all external parts, the ventilated wall façade covering has overlapping brushed slats, the angled edge mouldings and finishes are in larch burnt with an ancient Japanese technique. The ventilated roof is made of larch shingles and copper flashing.

Wooden doors and windows with copper inserts. The entrance door too was made by our ax masters with larch wood, in an artisan way. Lamellar wood supporting structure and burnt brushed barbell. Part of the structure hangs to the large oak with hangings and looped bands.

The Interiors

Siberian bleached larch walls, exposed larch beams ceiling and oak slats floor. The bathroom door too made by our carpenters with larch. The bathroom has sink and comfortable shower, a sliding door keeps the toilet separate, a smart solution for the guests’ comfort. A walnut tree trunk, cut down in the farmhouse’s land, later sawn into planks, brought to the oven to dry, has been used to give life to the interior furnishings.

It is beautiful to give new life to the precious wood that, from a simple trunk, becomes handmade furniture, in the same place where he lived his life as a tree… important details!