Looking at the sea from three meters high, surrounded by the beautiful holm oaks garden, to play in the little treehouse with the suspension bridge and the large slide.

casetta gioco sull'albero

The Project

Designed with an architectural style that features traditional lines, reinterpreted in a modern key. The roof pitches’ geometries, the window frames’ position, the ventilated facade, the finishes and details of the exterior, create a modern and special product, nicely integrated with the lush nature of the beautiful park. Access to the house is via the staircase, leading to the platform between the trees and, crossing the suspension bridge, we land on the treehouse terrace reaching the covered part. Insulated with natural sheep wool and Corkpan brown cork, has wooden double glazed windows, a wooden door with steel lock and the Menorca island typical lock “the Pestillo Minorchino”.

The Suspension Bridge

Made with steel ropes and Swiss larch wood boards, it connects the tree terrace to the treehouse. The parapets are made of nylon safety netting sides mesh 5 X 5 cm, 5 mm wire.

The Exterior

Brushed and oiled Swiss larch slats used seamlessly for both the floors and the ventilated facade. Details such as window frames, structural beams, angled edge mouldings and balusters are made of brushed larch wood with a walnut finish. The terraces’ balusters are made of nylon safety netting sides and larch handrail. A long wooden and stainless steel slide for descending from the house.

The Interiors

Roof made with bleached conifer wood and exposed beams. Windows are bi-coloured: white inside and walnut outside as the front door. The furnishings consist of a wheeled sofa bed with drawers, a desk with its wood and fabric stool. Inside the little house, a wall blackboard to draw with coloured chalks.