The monumental calocedrus of the Teresio Olivelli’s park in Tremezzina, on the shore of Lake Como, has inspired the realization of the large hanging terrace on the tree.

terrazza sull'albero

The Project

Organic Architecture does not always contemplate pure volumes and straight beams, but rather sinuous and soft shapes. In this tree terrace’s project, we “bent” the wood, straight by nature, to the shape of the majestic tree.

The curved wood shapes the terrace’s facade and creates a symbiosis with the tree and the surrounding landscape.

The staircase burnt wood finish and the black net parapet designed to camouflage between the tree trunks, allowing people to see the wonderful landscape of Lake Como from a privileged point of view.

Curved laminated wood

Made by a leading Lombardy company that produces on design, curved laminated beams used
both for the structural elements and for the balusters and handrails.

The Exterior

The wooden staircase climbs up from behind the tree, to stay hidden from the terrace view, and it lands on a small terrace, the one that leads to the large terrace protruding into the void.

The floor is made of brushed and grouted larch assembled with stainless steel A2 fixing screws.
There are no posts nor pillars, the whole structure is hung on the tree by means of specific looped bands for arboriculture and steel ropes with tensioners, crickets and eyebolts that make micro-regulation possible both in the assembly and maintenance phase, favouring the plant growth.