Security, Maintenance and Warrantly

We Get Care

After becoming true, every dream needs cares and attention if we don’t want to “lose” it … we can leave such a care to you – as you are in love with your dream and keen of giving attention – or you can leave it to us. We will take care of your dream, with the same passion we  used during the manufacture process…

We guarantee our products according to the parameters of the National laws.

Thanks to our extension of the guarantee we give you the possibility to live your tree structure with more tranquility for a longer period; sullalbero will be there for you. In order to benefit of such an extension of the guarantee we propose two contracts of planned maintenance lasting 5 or 10 years.

With a small annual investment, you have the certainty to enjoy your tree building in the better conditions.

One of our team will intervene in order to check:

  • the stability of the structure, anchors, struts and hanging devices;
  • any movement and adaptation between the structure and the tree;
  • the worsening of the basic elements;
  • the exploitation of all the elements;
  • metalware and nuts and bolts;
  • any other issue according to the structure of the building;
  • If needed we will make the relevant renovations.

The guarantee does not include:

  • Alterations
  • Incautious usage
  • Consumer products and worsening due to the use for ropes, handrails, stairs, varnishes, and so on…

Possible interventions not included in the guarantee can be offered and quoted at a special cost for you.
Every aspect will be well indicated in the maintenance contract that we will propose you.