A Scandinavian-style insulated treehouse, amidst conifer trees. An additional room to do many things in the backyard.

Treehouse Privato

The Project

When we entered the private property near Lake Garda, we immediately noticed the unusual group of fir trees that stood out from the rest of the trees in the garden. The firs are evergreen trees and thanks to their shape and features from Nordic Countries, they instantly recall the Scandinavian style. After having carried out the technical survey, and having shared desires and objectives with the client, we moved to the planning of a complete insulated space with windows and electrical system. The Scandinavian style led our Architects in the shapes and materials’ choice. The Treehouse has a front and rear terrace, from which to descend to a smaller terrace where the long Zip Line starts.

The burnt wood finish

The outdoor use of conifer wood is a peculiar feature of this project.

Wood brushed and burnt using an ancient Japanese technique, with the help of special burners, cold water and a specific brushing machine. After this process completion, a special Sikkens Akzo Nobel product applied on the surface

The Exterior

The structure is a beautiful combination of burnt wood, red walls and white windows that creates a very special treehouse. The covering is in natural Corkpan brown cork.

The primary structures are made of lamellar and the secondary ones in standing tables (in coast) with a typical construction technique from Nordic countries. There are no pillars on the ground! The structure is supported by hangings with looped bands, steel ropes and TABS, especially designed and manufactured steel studs that allow a direct connection with tree trunk and the primary beams, allowing them to move windward in different directions. TABS as well as hangings were used under strict control, guidance and supervision of Dr. Agronomist.

The Interiors

Natural aged wood on walls and ceiling, dark larch floor, windows were made of white exterior and natural wood on the inside, as the walls. The furnishings provided are a bed 190×90 with a quilted cushion and complementary pillows, a drawers’ container on wheels, an open furniture that divides the room with a bookcase function, a desk with its wooden and leather stool and a comfortable double sofa bed.