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Crediamo che il modo più giusto di raccontarsi sia quello di lasciare la parola agli altri.


We give life
to your dreams

We give life to your dreams – Houses, Terraces, Spaces are tailored and consistent with the best quality standards in order to welcome you, your children or your guests in a very special way. High specialization, attention for the finishing and the details, a precise plan, using of building methods and material coming from green architecture, design and functionality… with the guarantee of our team of architects, engineers and carpenters.


We are the first italian company specialized in treehouse building. Apart from the building process, we always make sure to come up with new unique designs. “Experience is the nice way we call our errors” A. Tovaglieri’

Sullalbero respects the enviroment.
“The environment is not only a space. It’s relationship. Ecology is not only respect for the space, but awareness and respect for the relationship among humans and between humans and nature”

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Our Work - Tourist

How We Work?


Private and Company Customers

Our creations are special, unique and original because they are designed, designed and built for you.

Each treehouse is born taking into account three factors: the wishes of the client (size, colors and materials), the shape and characteristics of the trees and landscape and the budget made available

In this phase, the collected information is analyzed and evaluations of the project’s feasibility are carried out.

Meeting with the customer and inspection of the trees and place.

Realization and project sharing with graphic boards, cad drawings and freehand drawings. The designers and architects work through a continuous exchange of information with the client and/or with his architects who follow the project for him.

Presentation of the economic offer related to the project.

Confermati gli accordi di fornitura, verranno condivisi e aggiornati i dettagli funzionali ed estetici al progetto presentato.
Realizzazione dei disegni esecutivi e costruttivi per l’inizio dei lavori.

Preparazione dei semilavorati e costruzione della struttura nel laboratorio presso la nostra sede operativa.

Il cliente viene invitato a visitare la nostra azienda di produzione e falegnameria per vedere l’opera premontata, valutare i lavori svolti e completare eventuali scelte di dettagli ancora in lavorazione.

Apertura cantiere in conformità alle direttive in materia di sicurezza sui luoghi di lavoro, preparazione delle alberature, realizzazione del solaio di sostegno, appoggi, puntoni, ancoraggi, ecc… Montaggio della struttura, impianti, accessori, arredi interni e finiture.

Dopo circa un mese della consegna è prevista un’uscita del nostro personale tecnico per un check-up generale della struttura.

casa in legno sull'albero

Who we are

Do you still remember your childhood?Now it's time to realize your dream!


The story of Sullalbero

Sullalbero comes from the idea of a daddy who, in his childhood, together with his best friend, built a small terrace on a cherry tree made of axis stolen to his grandfather in the garden behind his house, where the two children used to spend carefree afternoons.

Today such a child is 50 years old, has two daughters, a nice garden…and a brand new tree house where his wonderful daughters can play!

Our idea of creating and selling tree buildings belongs to such a first, simple experience and thanks to the collaboration of an excellent working team we are able to manufacture houses, playing terraces, relaxing terraces, real tree spaces, in the nature.

Sullalbero is mainly for private customers and accommodations such as bed & breakfast, farm holidays, primary schools, and so on… Sullalbero designs and builds nothing else but tree buildings, from the simpler ones to the more complex ones. All buildings are designed, manufactured and installed on the basis of an exclusive project of the customer and according to the trees able to host them.

Structure and design, style, material, finishing and accessories will be studied on purpose to meet the needs of the customers willing to enjoy their own building.

Every realization is based on three factors:the customer’swishes, the shape and characteristics of the trees and the landscape and the budget made available.

Each creation is unique precisely because people’s desires are unique and the plants and landscape available are unique.

Therefore we don’t have a catalogue with established prices.


progettazione casa sull'albero
costruzione casa sull'albero
costruzione casa sull'albero
treehouse design

We act with honesty and integrity, being respectful to both people and the environment.

we choose to do just one single thing: “treehouses, to experience new emotions, into nature, with the eyes of a child”.

We make beautiful “turnkey” things
which go far beyond the expectations of our clients and their customers: we always build with the aim to surprise and thrill our customers.

We are Italians
we believe in beauty and in our power to make you dream in a special place, treehouses “can be built in Italy too”.

relations based on keeping promises, being the first customer of our own projects we want to be satisfied with our creations.

we are in love with our job, our enthusiasm is the key !

Knowlegde /Expertise
thanks to a wide experience acquired from various projects, we know very well what we are doing, with our heart on the tree but our feet on the ground. “Experience, an elegant way to define our mistakes” quote by Andrea Tovaglieri

because each project is a tailor made dream: we don’t sell dreams from a catalogue but tailor-made emotions, to better live time into nature following its rules.

we want to be responsible for the sustainable future we are building. We work in an ethic, honest and transparent way, in compliance with the surrounding environment: “green is sexy”.

We are here before
for the duration, and after the project’s completion, wood is nothing without service.

“Things happen as a logical consequence of what we do to make things happen”

Cit. Davide Torreggiani