FAQ - Frequantly Asked Questions

Our building are special, unique and original because they are designed and built just for you.
In order to meet your needs, your wishes and in order to let you enjoy your new house as a unique, amazing experience. We offer a turnkey delivery to realize your tree space with absolute peace.

We build houses, terraces and spaces on the basis of the needs of those who will use them and according to the trees supposed to host them.

We can design buildings with different intended uses: PLAY, RELAX and LIVE.

The building can be manufactured on a single tree or on more trees: oak, beech tree, stone pines, sycamores, maples are very recommended but you can also use other trees … apart from fruit trees.

The tree must be healthy, with a deep root and not in an initial phase of its growth. A young tree has a too quick growth and it would be difficult for the building to get integrated.

It is important that the tree is not exposed to bad weather conditions and that it is not in an area with strong wind. Dimensions of the trunk are variable but for a proper anchorage and support we suggest using trees with a diameter of at least 40 cm at the level where the house will be installed.

There is not a built-in height; it depends on the dimensions of the tree, on the dimensions of the building and on your wishes. Usually we install buildings at a place higher than 3 meters in order to fully make the most of underneath space without penalizing the natural dimensional ratio of the tree.
There are buildings installed at a bigger height as well: in order to determine the proper height we proceed with a study of the access points (upwards and downwards), the functionality of the spaces, the anchor systems and the natural environment where the house will be inserted.

Our buildings are made mainly of layered wood or solid wood with several timber species according to dimensions and structure. We prefer woods that can strongly resist to the environment such as larch that has strong characteristics and cheap costs. We can also use other timber species and woods such as Douglas fir, oak, chestnut tree, mahogany, fir or woods coming from other countries with peculiar characteristics.

Yes, it depends on the project and on the style of the building: we can mix wood with other materials such as iron or steel for the supporting structure, aluminum or other materials for finishing and details, glass and other materials.
Ironware is made of heat-treated steel and with improved surfaces such as zinc-coating or nickel plating in order to guarantee its functionality, resistance and esthetic during the years. We also use ironware, junctions and details made of stainless steel.

Sullalbero binds itself in building its structures according to planning principles and building techniques that respect and protect the environment.
The kind of wood we use in building operations comes from forests with a sustainable management based on strict environmental, social and economical standards.
The anchor systems that we use guarantee the development of the tree and defend its natural growth. If you want to learn more about such an aspect visit the focus “Materials and Ecology” on our web site.

Our buildings, tree houses, tree terraces and tree spaces are designed and manufactured in order to welcome you, your relatives and your guests in a safe way. There are several safety procedures that play a role. Before building a tree house we do a control of the tree made by a professional agronomist (age of the tree, health of the tree, plant bugs, roots and the ground underneath) in order to guarantee that the tree is properly healthy. The same control, if required, can be made every year after the installation of the tree house.
During design procedures we pay plenty of attention to the dimensions of the supporting structure, of the stairs, of the banisters, etc that must respond to specific, strict safety parameters and to the relevant law.

No. Sullalbero manufactures buildings that are consistent with the law paying the highest attention to all structural and dimensional details in order to guarantee their use in complete safety. We cannot foresee or being held responsible in case of wrong use, alteration or if preventative measures are not followed. Such preventative measures are listed in the handbook we give to the customer at the end of installation. An important aspect to consider – and that will be evaluated during design phases – is the exposure of the tree buildings to the wind.

Our tree houses, tree terraces or tree spaces are covered by a 2-year guarantee starting from the delivery date. We also offer you the possibility to sign an extension of the guarantee up to 10 years choosing our “10 year guarantee”. Moreover sullalbero offers to its customers the possibility to do maintenance works, both standard and emergency ones, on purpose for your building.
Our buildings are planned and manufactured using materials with a low need for maintenance, solid woods, slightly oxidisable materials, etc.

It is difficult to answer without any detailed information and a study on the project that analyses: kind of structure, dimension, styles, inner elements, if insulation is needed, which systems are needed: light, water, heating and how they are realized, the kind of roof, the style of the stairs, accessories, and so on…

As a general indication we can foresee: play or relax terrace between 700€ and 1.000€ per sq.m.
Play or relax house: between 800€ and 1.300€ per sq.m.
Insulated tree house with systems, in version “play”, “relax” or “live”: from 1.400€ per sq.m.

Insulated spaces with heating or sanitary systems, supposed to be used as offices, guest rooms or other intended uses are doable on surfaces bigger than 12 sq. m.
Also the space where we will do the installation is a point to be considered for any additional travel expenses or for any peculiar characteristic of the place that might be an unexpected obstacle during installation process.

Access to the building can be direct or indirect, that is through others trees or other buildingsDirect accesses are usually straight wood stairs with one or more ramps with halfway landings; but we can also foresee a winding staircase or with special shapes offering a safe and comfortable way to climb into and down.

Indirect accesses foresee some transit points on other buildings and can be: bridges, landings, hanging bridges with a different level of complexity, tunnels, and so on… For versions “play” we give more evidence during the design process to rises and descents through several solutions that make the building very interactive: different stairs (wood, rope, rungs, etc), climbing walls, slides, climbing poles and fireman’s poles, ropes, descending pulleys, etc.

It is also very important to underline the educational aspect in motor activities – not only – for children using and living these buildings.

Also our roofs, as our buildings, are made on the basis of your wishes.
We can foresee mono pitch roofs without insulation or with insulation and ventilation; inner framework with exposed beams or solutions with smoothed and varnished coverings.

For coverings we can use bituminous coverings in sheets, plates or shingles such as “Canadian shingles” or modern coverings such as metals or rustic as wood.

We suggest avoiding tiles shingles for safety reasons and because of their weight.

Inside and outside, our team of architects and carpenters will give birth to your imagination! Inner furniture, wardrobes, beds, shelves, benches, tables, chairs, stairs, and so on… they will be tailored, brand new or already existing, always on the basis of your wishes and of the style required but still suitable to be integrated in the structure in order to optimize spaces and functionality.

Of course! We build tailored houses, terraces and spaces … and they can be connected to the electrical and hydraulic systems of your main house. We can use photovoltaic oscillators designed on purpose for guaranteeing enough energetic stock and enough independence.
We will use lighting systems and electric devices with low power consumption, with led technology. Nevertheless it is suitable foreseeing a proper exposition of the roof to the sun.

Water can be running, cold or heated, for showers or washbasins, with boiler or tank farms.

Yes, buildings can be heated in several ways. We can simply install a heating generator as for example an automatic, wood pellet stove, electrical stoves or alternative solutions that might be innovative from the technological and energetic point of view.

The sealing procedure is a key point of all the processes involved: design, building and installation. We pay plenty of attention and care to such an aspect.

Buildings can be anchored only to the tree or to several trees without being anchored also to the ground; or they can be anchored only to the ground – and not to the tress – as if they are stilt houses or mixed structures.

Most of the times we use integrated systems, using both anchor devices, hanging devices and ground struts.

Dimensions of the struts are studied on the basis of structural designs and they can be made of layered wood, solid wood, iron or steel, according to the style of the project and they are lain, fasten to the ground through some plinths in the soil.

In Italy there’s no specific zoning law for tree buildings. They are subject to the same laws in force for traditional buildings: it is compulsory an evaluation about used surfaces, volumetric estimates, structural estimates, etc. Nowadays in Italy these rules can be different in every single district.

Our team at sullalbero is composed by architects, engineering firms with geologists and surveyors in order to manufacture safe structures respecting the zoning laws of the district you live in.

We will be in charge of following the foreseen procedures of your district.

Our anchor systems and hanging devices do not block or restrict the flow of the sap and they are not a danger for the health of the trees.
Obviously any human action might stress the tree. Our task is limiting such a risk at the minimum up to make it irrelevant for the tree. For this reason we are very meticulous in the analysis of the tree before starting building process.

Our structures respect the trees that will host them; the dimensions and the height of the building are designed for being in harmony with the greenery of that peculiar area.

It depends on dimensions, on the position of the building, on the style and on the needed plants. The lead-time can be 6 weeks for the simplest versions up to some months for the more complex ones.

No. All our buildings are unique. Every tree host its building that is meant, designed and manufactured on the basis of the users wishes and of the characteristics of the environment and of the tree that will host it. That’s the reason why we do not have any prefabricated house at sullalbero.