How is it made?

A tree house is fully made out of wood, except for certain complementary elements that are required for different needs (see windows, roof coverage, conjunctions, etc) using other materials.


How do i heat a treehouse?

In case you want a treehouse that you can enjoy the whole period of the year, and therefore also in the winter, we will have to intervene on the construction, not so much in the porting structure as in its “envelope".

Therefore, the walls will have different layers to heat the inside from the outside.

The same for the floor and the roof, without forgetting the windows that will be exactly like your home ones. Furthermore, the treehouse will be equipped with all the technologies necessary for its permanent use, for which electrical, hydraulic and heating plants, certainly designed and contemplated to look at ecosustainable technologies.



NATURTHERM WO by Manifatacturing Maiano - Firenze

Sheep’s wool, one of the most ancient insulating materials, long used in the most primitive of constructions, is the ideal material to build according to bio-construction principles. Elastic and breathable, it is an outstanding conditioning fiber against both cold and heat and has remarkable hygroscopic capacity. The peculiar feature of sheep wool, in fact, is that it is water repellent, while at the same time absorbing humidity. This means that it repels water in its liquid state but is also capable of absorbing water vapor up to 33% of its weight, without appearing moist and thus favoring the natural regulation of humidity inside the living space and lowering the risk of condensation that tend to damage the structure.

Thanks to its special micro-structure, sheep wool is therefore the ideal and natural alternative to mineral fibers used to provide thermal and acoustic insulation. What's more, wool is a renewable and recyclable raw material that requires a very low energetic balance to transform it into an insulating panel. To manufacture NATURTHERM WO, sheared wool is used that is not suitable to be transformed into fabrics and yarns. The sheared wool is washed with natural soap and subjected to an anti-moth treatment, and is then carded and bonded at 180°, a process step that ensures the product is also fully sterilized.

NATURTHERM WO is an insulating material with excellent thermal and acoustic insulating qualities that, owing to the intrinsic properties of the wool and its transpiring quality, can filter and purify the air, making your living space healthy.


SUGHERO CORKPAN by Tecno Sugheri di Milano

The cork, ecological, ignifugal, light, is a 100% natural product that maintains unaltered properties of thermoacoustic insulation. Through its technical, physical and production characteristics, the corkpan panel is EC, ICEA and ANAB certified as Bioecological and Biocompatible material.

More info (PDF Document - ITA)