Urban Planning

Urban analysis changes according to specific urban laws, for the structures referred to as “treehouses”, in different countries. We need to analize every single case with a local tech.

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Tree analysis

The trees or the tree intended for the construction of a treehouse shall be healthy, well rooted and in an adult or mature phase of its development. The dimensions of the trunk are variable, but for good anchorages and support we recommend trees of at least 40/60 cm in diameter at the construction height.

Sullalbero techs are available to collaborate with local Agronomi which will be expected to assess the health and stability of the tree.

In the years following the construction of the treehouse, the tree concerned, and the surrounding ones, always have to be monitored to verify their state of health for the safety of the people and the things nearby.

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A tree house is fully made out of wood, except for certain complementary elements that are required for different needs (see windows, roof coverage, conjunctions, etc) using other materials.

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The creative team of Sullalbero Srl interprets and makes true the dreams of its customers. Starting from the tips and the wishes of the customer, but also from the characteristics of the place and the trees, the architects of Sullalbero Srl develop a specific and customised design proposal.

The design of a treehouse starts from a “vision”, it turns into a concept and arrives at the executive design of details necessary for the implementation of the opera in all its components. 3D computer software and modelling are used for the study and calculation of static verification by engineer Matteo Goggia, our trusted external collaborator.

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3d analysis

Sullabero technicians are directly performing the examination of places and trees where the project is to be built. This important analysis is essential both for the development of concept and the architecture project and for the executive project.

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Security, maintenance and guarantee

After becoming true, every dream needs cares and attention if we don’t want to “lose” it … we can leave such a care to you…

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Since 2011 we have been creating Treehouses for individuals and tourist accommodation facilities

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