Our Staff

Davide Torreggiani

The man who started it all… industrial expert specialized in materials technology

Barbara Marcantoni

Customer administration - suppliers and general services.

Umberto Giupponi

Architect graduated in architecture of construction at Milan Polytechnic. He lives the project from the first meeting with the client, runs all the design, construction and editing phases, he delivers the treehouse to the client.

Benedetta Minonzio

Architect, interior design and color designer. She takes care of realizing the expressed and unexpressed wishes of the client using colors and desing to create the perfect environment.

Giacomo Agnolin

Architect graduated in architecture of construction at Milan Polytechnic. Actively participates in every phase of the design and creative process. Curious, creative and passionate about everything about wood constructions.

Di Giovanni Luca Paride

Geometrist, professional expert specialized in the development of plans of agricultural/forest areas.

Matteo Maggio

Young artist, graduated art school and now studying at the University of Scienze dei Beni Culturali of Milano. He's in charge of translating the technical drawings into hand drawings. Interior and exterior decorator of our treehouse.


Dott. Ing. Matteo Goggia

Graduate in civil engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan

Studio Tovaglieri

Landscape Planning and Management

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