The story of Sullalbero

Our story as Sullalbero comes from the idea of a daddy who, in his childhood, together with his best friend, built a small terrace on a cherry tree made of axis stolen to his grandfather in the garden behind his house, where the two children used to spend carefree afternoons.

Today such a child is 40 years old, he has two daughters, a nice garden … and a brand new tree house where his wonderful daughters can play!


Our idea of creating and selling tree buildings belongs to such a first, simple experience and thanks to the collaboration of an excellent working team we are able to manufacture houses, playing terraces, relaxing terraces, real tree spaces, in the nature.

Sullalbero is mainly for private customers and accommodations such as bed & breakfast, farm holidays, primary schools, and so on… Sullalbero designs and builds nothing else but tree buildings, from the simpler ones to the more complex ones. All buildings are designed, manufactured and installed on the basis of an exclusive project of the customer and according to the trees able to host them.

Structure and design, style, material, finishing and accessories will be studied on purpose to meet the needs of the customers willing to enjoy their own building.

Every realization is based on three factors:the customer’swishes, the shape and characteristics of the  trees and the landscape and the budget made available.

Therefore we don’t have a catalogue with established prices.